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Real Christmas Tree Shopping 101

The countdown to Christmas is on, kicked off officially today with the purchase of our Christmas tree! Today, I took the older boys to Bridle Christmas Tree Farm to pick out our tree. The farm was a true gem. 100 acres of Christmas trees where you can either cut your own or buy a pre-cut tree. The excursion started out with a hunt for the enchanted forest with hidden penguins (if you find all the penguins, the lady at the front of the farm will give you a bag of treats). The boys got sidetracked however by the endless rows of Christmas trees among which Noah found the perfect tree, a towering twelve footer.

Lucky for us, we met Hayden, one of the employees at the farm, who volunteered to chop

down our tree. While Hayden chopped, I got to watch the boys run freely, playing hide-and-seek amongst the trees. It reminded me of how blessed we are to have moved out into the countryside where we can enjoy tree farms on weekends! Hayden worked very hard to chop down our tree. Our tree did not want to come down easily, in fact, it took three different saws and an hour before we could yell "Tiiiiimber!!!" After that, the tractor wagon came to pick us and our tree up to take us to our car.

If you are in the market for a real Christmas tree, I would highly recommend checking out the Bridle Christmas Tree Farm (1336 Rainbow Valley Road E, Apto, Ontario). $45 (cash only) gets you a cut your own tree, friendly service and an amazing experience. If you forget to bring cash (like I did) there is an ATM at the Esso just down the road.

Here are some useful tips when picking out your "cut your own" tree:

1. Pick a tree with a single trunk. While a tree may look beautiful and full in the ground, if you pick a tree with multiple trunks, the tree you take home may be less full and have some bald spots where the other trunks were.

2. Make sure your saw blade is sharp, otherwise it will take a long time to saw the tree down and with much effort. If you have your own saw, bring it, so you don't have to wait around for a saw to come available.

3. Choose a tree that will fit in your vehicle. Luckily, we had the pick up truck today to lug this twelve foot tree home!

4. Make a day of it! Enjoy a leisure stroll through the trees and breathe in the crisp, fresh air!

I hope you have as good an experience cutting down your own Christmas tree as we did. We will definitely be doing this again next year!

28 more days to Christmas!

Thanks for reading!


Ruth aka The Ruthless Maker

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