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Build Easy 2 Minute Wall Shelves DIY

Updated: May 6, 2021

These are the easiest wall shelves to make, they look great, and you can build it out of things you have around your garage. These shelves actually cost me nothing to make since I had the corner brackets leftover from the backyard ice rink I took apart in March and the wood was leftover from a window seat I made for the boys.

What you'll need:

Qty 1 - 1" x 6" x 20" Select Pine board (you can totally use a wood scrap you have lying around and cut the length to suit your space)

Qty 2 - 3" Corner brackets

Qty 4 - 1" wood screws

Qty 4 - Dry wall Anchors and Screws

Step 1: Prepare your shelf board. I sanded mine down, applied pre-stain, stain (Varathane Special Walnut) and sealed it with a polycrylic

Step 2: Spray paint your corner brackets and screw tops to match your decor. I painted my hardware with black spray paint

Step 3: Measure out the location of your brackets on your shelf board and secure them with wood screws

Step 4: Place your shelf with the brackets attached on the wall you want to attach it to. Use a level to make sure the shelf is straight and then mark where your dry wall anchors should go.

Step 5: Install your dry wall anchors into the wall and the attach your shelf using screws.

That's it! How easy was that! Here is how I decided to style my shelves:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Also, I have a highlight bubble 'easy shelves' and videos on my Instagram account which goes into more detail. Check out @theruthlessmaker. If you make these easy shelves, please tag me in it as I'd love to see them!

~The Ruthless Maker ~


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