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Christmas Urns... De-mystifyed

Christmas greenery arrangements are a great way to dress up the outdoor entryway to your house or garage in the winter. It is also a perfect complement to wreathes, door garland and outdoor string lights to help your home exude holiday cheer.

Large Christmas greenery masterpieces, however, can be beautiful and expensive if you choose to buy them from the store, or intimidating if you choose to create one yourself. Did you know that Christmas greenery is just a fancy way of saying branches and tree clippings? Many of the components of these fancy masterpieces can be found simply by going for a hike in the forest or from taking a few clippings from the bottom of your Christmas tree! Let me show you just how easy it is for you to make a Christmas urn yourself and for a fraction of the cost of a store bought:

What you will need:

- an empty urn or garden pot

- some soil, enough to fill 1/3 of your urn or pot

- greenery...aka branches and tree clippings (cedar, fir or spruce branches work well), 6-7 branches around 18" long

- birch branch, 1-2 branches with 2" diameter, 24" long

- berry picks, assorted colours, 3 picks. You can find these picks at the dollar store, your local green house. I found mine at Dollarama and Home Sense.


  1. Fill your urn with some soil, 1/3 full. The soil will help hold your arrangement in place. Also, the moisture in the soil will also help keep your greenery green and fresh.

2. Start with the tallest items first to ground your arrangement. I started by placing the birch and dogwood branches in the middle of the urn.

3. Next start layering in the greenery. Use a combination of different types of greenery branches. I used cedar, spruce and fir branches for added texture. Push the bottom of each branch into the soil to hold in place. Try to arrange them so some pieces drape over the side of the urn, while others stand up. This will make the urn look fuller.

4. Add the berry picks for some added color and flair.

Voila! A Christmas urn. I hope this tutorial helps de-mystify these beautifully festive, outdoor show pieces. The trick really is to start with the tallest items first and then, layer, layer, layer.

Happy Making!


Ruth aka The Ruthless Maker


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