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The Start of Something Exciting

Hi, my name is Ruth and I am excited to share my first blog post ever! The Ruthless Maker is an outlet to share DIY projects, recipes and our life's adventures!

A bit about myself...

I am the youngest of three girls, I studied mechanical engineering in college, I'm a mom to three rambunctious boys, I love a good latte and I am on the never ending hunt for the best butter tart.

In 2019, my husband Tim and I made the big decision to move our family out of Toronto and plant roots in a small town outside of Barrie, Ontario. With three boys, Noah (7), Elias (5), and Samuel (1), it was important for us to raise them with a love for nature and the outdoors full of hiking, bike riding, exploring forests, skiing and fishing. No better way to fully immerse them in the outdoor lifestyle than to move them to the country and have a forest as a backyard!

With a new house and new surroundings, there are endless adventures and maker projects just waiting to happen.

I invite you to follow along with us on the The Ruthless Maker journey!

Yours Truly,

Ruth aka The Ruthless Maker

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